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*Carpet Cleaning

*Upholstery Cleaning

*Air Duct Cleaning

Other Services Provided at an Additional Charge

*Carpet Repairs And Restretching

*Water Damage Specialists

*Crawl Space Inspection

*Mold Inspection

*Area Rugs

*Commerical Rates Available

*Pet Odor/Stain Specialists

*Drapery Cleaning


*Chimney Cleaning

*Tile/Grout Cleaning


Yes, love is in the air, which is better than the odor of unclean carpets. Now that we've made that awkward transition, let's discuss your carpets. We realize that the gift of carpet cleaning may not be the most romantic thing you can offer your loved one. But sometimes just being practical will endear you to your sweetheart. And of course you can always simply leave Valentine's Day out of the picture and do something strictly for yourself. Even so, it's time to get whimsical again and ponder:


(10). Frankly, even though Rhett doesn't give a damn, Scarlett needs someone to clean up the mess Sherman's soldiers made on Tara's carpet.

(9). If Alice Kramden doesn't do something soon about the condition of their carpets, Ralph may once again threaten to put her in lunar orbit.

(8). Barney Fife needs to get his place spruced up before his big bottle-of-pop, TV watching date with Thelma Lou.

(7). Romeo to Juliet: "That light breaking through yonder window shows how dirty the castle carpet really is."

(6). John and Yoko know that we're the only ones who can remove the Goo Goo Ga Joob from their carpet.

(5). Priscilla is tired of Elvis' blue suede shoes tracking in a hunka-hunka pile of mud. 

(4). David to Bathsheba: "This carpet looks as dirty as my soul feels for having ever gotten involved with you."

(3). After Michelle told Barack that they could never remove that 22 year-old stain in the Oval Office, the President replied: "Yes we can."

(2). After Lucy used one of our bait and switch competitors, Ricky told her that she had "lots of 'splainin' to do."

(1). Neither Lady nor the Tramp are housebroken.

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